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Stage Prize: One Night Stay and Hydropath for 2

Celebrity Cooking Stage

2:00 PM - Chef Sheldon Maloff, Chef de Cuisine, Provence Marinaside

RECIPE - Poached Steelhead with Quinoa Salad

Sponsored by: Provence Marinaside

A passion for food has been part of Chef Sheldon Maloff's life from a very early age. By the time he was eight, he was his mother's 'prep cook'. He later enrolled in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA) where he received his certification before landing a position in Provence's kitchen, eventually working up to become Provence Marinaside's Chef de Cuisine. All the while, he has continued to grow his skills and develop his palate. "I love the fact that you can learn something new almost every day about food and/or wine. I don't know what the future holds but I do know I will be a chef for life".

SEMINAR PRIZE - Win a Provence Marinaside Cookbook

3:15 PM - Chef Ricardo Valverde, Executive Chef, Ancora

RECIPE - Tri-Colour Quinoa Causa

Sponsored by: Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio

Originally from Lima, Peru, Ricardo Valverde brings more than a decade of progressive culinary experience to the tables of Ancora. Ricardo received his culinary education at the prestigious Dubrulle Culinary Institute of Canada, where he studied French cooking and received a pastry and baking diploma. During his five-year stint as Chef de Cuisine/Executive Sous Chef at the regionally renowned Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar, he helped Blue Water rack up several notable accolades, including Vancouver magazine's Best Seafood Restaurant Gold award four years running. He brings the same dedication to Ancora's dining experience as its new Executive Chef. His primary goal is to breath new life into the restaurant and guide it to become the best seafood restaurant in the region.

4:15 PM - Chef Michael Winning, Executive Chef, Beach Bay Café and Patio

RECIPE - Chipotle Shrimp

Sponsored by: Beach Bay Café and Patio

Michael Winning is a born-and-bred Vancouverite, but his travels have taken him across the globe. To date, he has visited 88 countries and lived in 17 of them. Not surprisingly, the cultures and cuisines he has experienced play a key role in his unique brand of cooking. In his role as Executive Chef at Beach Bay Café and Patio, Michael adds eclectic flair to the restaurant's West Coast vibe, bringing with him a seasoned roster of specialties that run the gamut from European to Southeast Asian, Japanese and beyond. Michael's overarching goal is to craft menus inspired by his global travels, and to continue sharing with others the nourishing, familial experience that cooking should be.

5:15 PM - Chef Karan Suri, Executive Chef, Fairmont Waterfront

RECIPE - BC Mushroom Hummus Kawarma

Product Sponsor: Mushrooms Canada

Sponsored by: Fairmont Waterfront

Global experience, with a commitment to sourcing local ingredients, makes Executive Chef Karan Suri a natural fit for Fairmont Waterfront with its rooftop garden and apiary. His culinary tour of duty has included Singapore, Dubai, Nairobi, and New Delhi, working with several Michelin Star chefs along the way. He has won numerous accolades including Best Chef in Kenya (Taste Awards). Enamored with the west coast and its bounty of fresh seafood, meats and produce, he is enjoying the area's natural beauty and expanse of space waiting to be explored when he's not in the kitchen.

6:15 PM - Chef Victor Bongo, Executive Chef/ Partner, Ambrosia

RECIPE - Moroccan Crusted Lamb with Blueberry Compote

Product Sponsor: BC Blueberry Council

Sponsored by: Ambrosia by Chef Bongo

Chef Victor Bongo is a talented African-Canadian chef who gained his reputation by challenging culinary traditions and incorporating ethnic flavours into his dishes. He has published two cookbooks "The Excellence of Chef Victor Bongo" and "Born To Cook- A Passion For Flavour". Chef Bongo is a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFC) and the World Association of Chefs' Societies.

BOOK SIGNING - "Born To Cook- A Passion For Flavour"

SEMINAR PRIZE - Win a copy of "Born To Cook- A Passion For Flavour"

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